UFO – Hagen, Germany, 1980

UFO – Hagen, Germany, 1980

The object observed in the video below, made by Marrs Dommin on the afternoon of June 4, 1980 in Hagen in Germany, and which has become part of the UFO case history as the filmed footage of an unidentified flying object, is in all likelihood a toy ball of the “Ufo Solar” type.

The hypothesis that the object observed in the video is a “Ufo Solar” is supported by several elements found in the scene of the movie.

First of all, the erratic flight of the object observed in the video is typical of the “Ufo Solar” toy balloons, since it is at any moment subjected to the whims of the wind and the convective currents that developed within it, following heating or cooling of the air contained therein, as a consequence of a greater exposure to the sun of one portion of the flask than another.

For the duration of the shooting, the object makes an evident upward movement, slowly moving away from the observation point, just like a “Ufo Solar” toy balloon that tends to rise continuously due to the heating of the air inside it.

Furthermore, in the movie the presence of clouds is not observed, this condition is indispensable for determining the flight of the “Ufo Solar” toy balloon, as its surface must be hit in full by the rays of the sun until the air inside heats up .

The shape of the object is the same as a “Ufo Solar” toy balloon.

Finally, on June 4, 1980, no Radar sighting of unidentified metal objects in flight near the filming location was reported, and this in support of the hypothesis that the wrapping of the object shown in the video was plastic , just like the “Ufo Solar” balloons, a material transparent to the radio waves emitted by the Radar and therefore cannot be intercepted by them.

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